Mini Nishikigoi 10 cm to 15 cm to keep in an aquarium

Seller: Niigata Yukiguniya Koi Farm
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1 animal ¥ 500 ~ Sold from 5 or more

With the spread of coronavirus infection, new lifestyles, telework, online meetings, etc. have become more time at home, so why not add a mini Nishikigoi that can be bred in an aquarium to your friends? Do you not enjoy growth change of Nishikigoi?

Aquarium sale * 57ℓ ¥ 15,600 ~ W600 x D295 x H360
With a 5-piece set of LED light, filter, pump, glass, and lid

* 157ℓ ¥ 44,000 ~ W900 x D450 x H450 with 5-piece set

* 205ℓ ¥ 72,000 ~ W1200 x D450 x H450 with 5-piece set

For those who purchase the aquarium, we will offer either 5 mini Nishikigoi or 30 mini mini Nishikigoi for the first time.
However, the shipping fee for the aquarium and Nishikigoi will be charged separately.